Saturday, May 16, 2009

Looking at the floor...

I've had a pretty odd of those ones where I only want to look at the floor, and not too wide, as everything just seems a bit too much. Didn't want to move really...but luckily I have some brilliant friends who are like a shot of prozac when they turn up with cakes, or bring a box of Viennese biscuits 'round.
One of my friends confided in me about something from her childhood, which we were both shocked to find out (as it is quite peculiar) that I had too: A fairy which came to the car window to wish us well on our holiday journeys!!!
She liked to dress hers in appropriate clothes for the weather on their way to Wales, whereas mine came from the cooling towers on the M6, just past Birmingham and just chatted to me on my open window (I always opened it just a chink, even if it was raining...) on our way to The Lake District!
But, apart from this, nothing extroidinary this week, and as I didn't feel up to doing very much, I indulged myself in the detail of everyday textures...
A Fairy Tower...(R.I.P)
When things feel black; sometimes they are...
I wanted to treat myself to crispy bacon rinds...and left them in too long.
There was this black mess left...inside and out. A mid-week highlight: Brighton has aquired some wall art...of a K6 telephone kiosk exploding in black and white!
So lonely and out of place...
Who were you?
This is me...with a heart and a hole!

It always amuses me to see my name and initials on man-hole covers throughout the country:
It used to make me feel secretly important as a child, especially when 'warrior' was written too...actually it still does!
The possibility behind doors is sometimes too exciting and too frightening at the same time... I sometimes let myself loose on the rocks

Yesterday, I had a look on jaboopee's blog, where she has some witty photos featuring some toy figures. I love seeing figures out of context, and at Christmas I painted the Dalek below, as I was wondering how they'd get on severe weather conditions: I didn't think they'd cope too well, and so then when it snowed in January...we tried them out!
They don't like to give up easily!
Dalek in Icy Conditions.

Finally, a completely wonderful thing I experienced last Sunday at The Parlure Spiegltent in Brighton, as part of the Festival, was the Orkestra del Sol
They were so brilliant, witty and happy, that I couldn't stop dancing and wanted them to keep playing for hours...


  1. You moved beautifully from melancholy to joy there and it was full of gorgeous shapes textures and colours.
    thanks for the mention ,
    i love your daleks in severe weather conditions
    I have a photo of a lovely green postbox for you ,will you send me an email and i can post it to you?

  2. It's me J.W (Julie Wilson) lol.
    Love the photo's by the way. Wonderful post,it made me smile, just what I needed, Thank You.

    Warm wishes

  3. You have some great photos here, funny about seeing your name everywhere (i'm sure it is 'cos you're special!) i never se my name anywhere...!