Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Creeping Back...

Well, for various reasons, I've been taking a blogging break, but I'm just dipping my toe back into the waters, or rather virtual waters, of 5ftInf again.
Have been doing all sorts of things over the last few weeks, including snow and ice, breaking down (in the automobile sense that is, not the mental one; you can't get towed home and stop off for a coffee when it's the latter... ), looking at the sea, looking at the sky, drinking a bit of Guiness, looking at post boxes, and of course looking at the odd telephone box...
and so, here are a few extracts from my eyes...

so, yes...I'm creeping out of the hole and happily holding on!


  1. lovely lovely lovely , i see snow , but i see mainly sunshine ms. stanton.....and just great to see through your eyes again.
    i have a little story to tell you about mossy walls time time....and were all very concerned about maura....there's a possibilty it might not be cons.....
    ps. what is the last photo?

  2. that last photo is looking out of an amazing installation at the Tate Modern; a massive metal container which you blindly walked into; I loved it, and in my very unprofessional blog-style I cant remember the name of the artist...will look it up again. (Also realised when I came out that I shouldn't have taken any photos)... I was with my mum, and it was like looking at how wonderful life was out there...just a short walk away

  3. Love the photos! lovely to have you back.
    Feel very excited looking at Brighton pics now instead of sad as we're moving, finally, March 1st. Will invite you to the house warming ;)

  4. its great ot have you back. i'm sending special warmth and hug vibes to you. treasure those eyes. you were missed d

  5. I think a lot of people have been feeling the same. I certainly know a lot of bloggers (myself included)have had long breaks recently.
    Nice to see you back. Happy new year.

  6. Love seeing the world through your eyes - I've missed you! Particulary like the teasel photo!

  7. Great series of photos - make me want to go to Brighton!