Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday...with Ornamental Artichokes

I was in the local park on Saturday for a friend’s birthday and walking along by the tennis courts we noticed the amazing display of Ornamental Artichokes.
Some of them were turning to seed and only a few were still in flower, but they were still pretty impressive.
So on Sunday I decided to cycle through the park to have another look...

When I got there I saw that a load of them at the end had been pulled up and thrown around, and been made a complete mess of, so I thought I’d take myself a few of the heads and possibly try to grow some in my own garden next year...

The wild meadow which was planted in the park a while ago is also still impressive, even though a lot of it is now turning to seed...

( the meadow is a good philip when you have to cycle a long way uphill to get home... ) 

...and just in case the Ornamental Artichokes don’t happen in my garden, at least I can add them to my plant documenting!

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