Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pavement Plodding...

This month I've certaintly been far from 'rapide'...
but I've been plodding on... hence the amount of time I've spent looking at the ground during daily plodding.
So I'm indulging myself in daily design and accidental doubt it's leading me to my next artistic binge, whenever that will be...I have to wait (sometimes months) before it all comes clear, but for now I'm just filling my head with images that are amusing and genuinely interesting me...
The builders have been practising their tactics for the local gymkhana...

I've never really liked relay services either...

A gorgeous Victorian, Irish post box care of Dee from Lucy's Lounge

Longing bollards

Bossy railings...
a nice bit of council colouring-in
A damaged cast iron ear...


inspired grafitti!!!

Pam's little hair comb...

Peter's pavement?


  1. that was very funny,esp. heavy plant and the bossy railings.
    your post just goes to prove that its good to have your head down too.
    i have a spainish shore on my most recent post too?0)

  2. thank you for putting up my picture. ypour photos are great you really have an eye also a sense of humour.

  3. I love your view of the things around you...they are things that are present in our lives, but we rarely take the time to look at. Inspired! So, when's the builder's gymkhana then?!

  4. I would spend any day plodding the streets with you me dear,always entertaining.
    You have got to pop round for some Elderflower Cordial, I can see a fun afternoon on the horizon!