Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Words Outdoors...

I'm watching British, solid rain
and feeling like a child...again.
Havn't cleaned my brushes,
Havn't cleaned my shoes
Have felt rather sorry at the Micheal Jackson news...
The rain is going crazy now,
(the cat is hiding by the door...)
the condensation's cosy though
It's good to watch it pour

Ghostly K8 with a new job...

Weird Westminster

Amazing to see this at a tube station...it's like disused underground prison cells: really odd
Here's some more collage advice...

And another...

I'd quite like to be a bar maid there...or maybe meet the supervisor!


  1. i love it all maybe i can say i have a crush on your blog!!

  2. loving your collage advice,
    Is that the OAP Bar? or is the oap barred?
    either way, i want to know more ;0)

    thanks for lovely link,
    Been searching for more old phone boxes whilst on holidays, not very successful though ,where have they all gone?

  3. I like your poem very much. Contemporary. It suits the mood of your collage (and vice versa).

    I also like your new style blog. Great.

    I liked your comments on my blog. Thanks. :)

  4. FANTASTIC paintings! Is the first one small or large?
    I hope that your sadness is easing a bit.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  5. Love your union jack piece. I'm going through rather a red, white and blue phase at the moment...part of my City & Guilds work (have a peek my blog if you have a moment...there's bunting and everything!) Katie x

  6. Love the blog and you have an adorable cat.