Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching Up...Part 2

Oh my goodness...I am so rubbish at 'catching up'...I've been meant to be finishing this post for 3 days now, and I've chosen to start writing something 5 minutes before I go out...anyway, lets see how far I get...

So, I've been painting, in preparation for The Early Open House , but I keep doing that thing where I like my painting for 5 minutes after I've done it...go to bed, and then wake up thinking it's crap...anyway a couple are here for you to peruse...

The one below, is the bit of the boat which is usually below water level

line shapes have been fascinating me too...but to no real purpose

nice patterns...even in an horrible office!
and also at home...
you've got to guess what this is...
...and big, fat list makers!
Now this is where the second wedding I went to was: Wilton's Music Hall.
It was utterly gorgeous and fantastic!

...and another little one!
If you havn't already, please have a look on the new Early Open House'll be familiar with a couple of us, and if you'd like to come please just let us know...or just turn up, of course!


  1. hi 5 ft nice to see you back it is so nice to take a abreak i'd love some one to write a book about blogging its such a strange thing sometimes addictive. but then sometimes i want to avoid it like the plague. whata wierd and wonderful thing.

  2. Looking good Philippa! I'm loving that pink one with the lines running down, v.good!
    T x

  3. philippa, lovely work, how did you manage to paint the underside of the boat given the fear you spoke of in an earlier post ,which was a feeling I could relate to .and as for what that thing is it a blind?....
    and re your comment to me .. i would swop it all to sing...and EXCUSE ME! artist actress photographer singer chronicler of all sorts of interesting things and a small person to boot..i'm so bloody jelous too.!