Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brighton Swimming...

Had a tiny insight to the Brighton Swimming Club... and indeed swam in the sea too!
However...I cheated as I wore a wet suit, and although I really enjoyed it, I had the most horrific nightmare that night about being swept off by a big wave....waving, drowning...the works...


  1. thats much more than a tiny insight,,,,that's every thing i ever wanted to know about the brighton swimming club...., the words "coming through" will never be the same again. I think i feel a song coming on......
    Your very brave and well done on the swimming ...the rosary beads obviously did the trick .

  2. Great! 'Coming Through'! I can hear it now.
    Love the pics-your photography gets better and better, perhaps you should exhibit in the next brighton Biennial.
    Next week, are you free for tea and cake? I'll sort out the upholsterers details!

  3. Love this - is the sign also in other languages or are swimmers required to pass a citizenshiop test before using the baths?