Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Year On...

...and now look; The Screaming Baby has become The Evil Teenager!


  1. Lovely photos Philippa, looking forward to seeing your show!

  2. What glorious autumnal colours. I can't imagine for one moment that your gorgeous and angelic-looking cat could be an 'Evil Teenager'! Katie x

  3. i offer you my heartfelt commiserations on your new found status as 'mother of teenager''s still early days i can tell but mark my words this time next year you'll understand perfectly harry enfiels 'kevin '
    Whats only slightly helping me through it is the knowledge that apparently teenager boys are so testosterone fueled that 'they would argue with a roadsign" . i've been adoping the ostrich head in sand approach and i think it's the wrong one .....have a stiff drink ....