Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vintage Penguin Paperback Display....

As part of my Open House exhibition this May, I have been lent a collection of vintage Penguin paperback books to 'install' into my shed...they are such beautiful things, it's been a joy to arrange!
The illustration on the last one, bears the name of my late grandfather...who wasn't a butcher!
The exhibition is open the first 4 weekends in May, and also features my Dungeness paintings.
So if you fancy visiting Brighton...pop in!
You can see more photos if you want to follow me on instagram at '5ftinf'.

1 comment:

  1. i'd love to see these in the flesh, remined me of something i saw but can't remember where ,where a story/poem was made up using just the book titles ,you've so much here it'd be a novel....
    good luck with the show, i'm very late to visit here.....blogging is increasingly decreasingly?
    love your iphone photos, another reason for me to get with that whole 21st century communication thing.....( i hate mobiles and never use one)
    really love the photo of guy cutting the womens "hair"