Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday...Cornish Reflections

I spent the weekend in Cornwall, as we were having a wonderful new bespoke bench delivered by friends; Ewan had made the bench (Holly basically makes most of the beautiful ceramics I own! ).
I arrived back to a rather parched garden amidst an overturned row of geranium pots... no doubt the outcome of an animated meeting of cats...

It was a fleeting visit to the South West and we thought we’d have a look at one of the local gardens, which 18 months ago was re-opened with sculpture and a cafe.
A local neighbour had said we should go as ‘it was very nice’...
This must be one of the biggest understatements I’ve ever heard!
Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens is completely amazing and we were all totally blown away by the whole visit.

Not only were the gardens beautiful, but it had a great cafe and some wonderful sculpture in situ, including a silvery, mirrored skip in the car park...and the gardens still seem relatively undiscovered! 

...but the highlight for me was their fantastic little nursery selling the most outstanding succulents I’ve ever seen, made all the more enjoyable by the young succulent expert serving who told us that he’d basically become addicted to them...

He owned all species as well as many hybrids and he had his eye on one in California which he needs someone to bring back for him!
Many were planted around the garden itself as well as within the living roof of the nursery shed.

There’s nothing quite as infectious as enthusiasm, and although I only bought one quite large succulent...it is going to be one of many more!


  1. I'm rather particular to succulents - there is a beauty about them that literaly takes my breath away - but I am so bad with plants that I have managed to kill all of the ones I ever tried having around me...

    1. I don’t think they’re as easy as the succulent enthusiast would have me believe...but I’m willing to give them a go! :)