Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday...veg picking

One of my favorite places in Sussex is Roundstone Pick Your Own Farm...and as always the act of ‘picking’ became a little obsessive. 
Its such a brilliant place to take children too, as they can run for miles and not be out of sight and also taste the vegetables which they’re helping to pick.

I’ve never eaten a purple Kohlrabi before ( the one I pulled up is probably big enough to last the whole Summer! ) but I completely fell in love with how beautiful it looked and then I  just couldn’t leave without a red cabbage...

...sweet peas, mange tout ( which squeak )
...cauliflower, broccoli and broad beans ( which smell like my Granny’s broad beans )

...early plums
...beetroot, camomile, carrots ( which make the best popping sound when you pull them out )

...and rhubarb
I didn’t manage to get to the strawberries, blackcurrents, tayberries or runner beans, but I’ll be going back over the Summer for them, as well as savoy cabbage, gooseberries and blackberries and then pumpkins, plums and marrows in the Autumn...


  1. This is the kind of thing that makes me soooo want to move to the country, the english country at that. WE don't have that around here - I'm hailing from Lisbon, Portugal - at least not that I am aware of, because if we had... my son would drag me there every weekend, for sure!!

  2. We are really lucky to have this farm fact I have dragged my son there for years! The only problem is the unpredictable nature of the English weather!! :)

  3. I spent my youth at a Pick Your Own place. My mum worked at one while my younger sister was still too small for her to work anywhere else. It was within walking distance of our home. I later did the picking, working in a shop even driving a pick up when I passed my test. It was a great experience. Winters were a bit tough.

    1. Picking your own stuff is such a good feeling isn’t it! Great place to work in your youth in the Summer though!!

  4. Replies
    1. That blue cabbage was unbelievable...when I came accross it in the field I sort of became captivated! ;)