Thursday, August 21, 2014


I am very excited today, combined with being very busy, very scruffy, still in my pyjamas and justifying to myself that cleaning the house actually keeps me fit, and is basically a work out!

Tomorrow I am being taken to Italy for a week by my son is in Germany for a fortnight so we decided to get away together!
So, as I said, I’m very excited!

In the process of clearing out cupboards before I go away, ( having a house sitter makes you clear out cupboards and hoover under the bed... ) I came across some sort of 'love postcards’ belonging to Beryl and Jim.
I’ve had them a while, as I originally found them when I was helping to clear her house after she died. The response to her diary last week was so generous and lovely, I thought I’d share another piece of her everyday life with a holiday related postcard...

Beryl, ( my Granny ), was away on holiday in Tenby, Wales, at the time, and as there was no texting, Jim ( my Grandpa ) was obviously sending postcards from home as they were quicker than letters...

A postcard from Wednesday, September 5th 1935 (posted at 5:45pm ):

Hello Budd,
Thanks so much for your letter received today dinner time.
Love, I’m so lonely, I am going out to the Empire tonight ( alone ).
The front of this card reminds me of our Wed & Saturday teas, does it you?
Will write letter later.
Please enjoy yourself.
Bye Bye, Love
P.S I leave Coventry at 2.56 Friday afternoon, don’t worry.

...I know love letters are a wonderful and romantic thing, but these short and sweet postcards with everyday details completely bowl me over...
Bring back postcard romance!

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