Monday, September 1, 2014

Italy ( part 2 )...with Pinks

..the beginning of our holiday had started...
so without too much explanation, the photos in the next few posts are basically inspirations from the trip...

( I loved how this purple smoke tree at the hotel echoed the colour of the shutters...)

I tried to soak up the changing season in Salò; the light, the colours, the smells....
The figs were ripe and their smell followed us everywhere...
A lot of the fruits hadn’t yet ripened; olives, persimmon, pomegranite, but it was so brilliant to be able to see them growing.

There was a walk you could take around the hotel which provided me with most of my arrangement ‘produce’, and I eventually settled on a wooden trug for my surface which I found on a beautiful old table near the swimming pool.
It gave great texture and, because of its curves, also a great light.
I experimented with the outdoor table as well, but as it was highly varnished I couldn’t quite get the feeling I wanted from it...
Also the trug allowed me to feel was outside, and I could move it around to quiet places so that people couldn’t see me ( I’d felt a bit self conscious when a chamber maid discovered me arranging on the table in the corridor... )

I read, swam, ate really good food and drank really good wine...

...and didn't do much else!


  1. It looks and sounds like the perfect holiday, beautiful!

    1. Thanks Emma! We were a bit worried it was going to be tricky at first, but it really was a great break. :)