Monday, October 27, 2014


Last week I got a bit caught up with sending out masses of my was one of those things I thought would take a whole day, and which actually took nearly a whole week!

The other thing I’m currently working on at the moment is my new blog...

I’m moving everything over to Wordpress, and weirdly I’m actually quite enjoying the re-categorising and organising of posts and feels a bit like re-decorating the house...
The blog ( which is ) may well be ready by sometime this week, although it is already live...just not quite finished/re-decorated, so this is just a little heads up that things will be changing a bit and hopefully you’ll be able to all shift over with me...

The temperature has definitely changed over the last week. 
The seasons are gently moving; cranberries are appearing at the grocers, I lit a fire for the first time this season and I’ve worn gloves twice...

I thought it would be a great idea to roast the giant chestnuts I’d bought from the green grocers, but unfortunately I forgot to cut them, and they loudly exploded over the fire guard, narrowly missing the cat!
I did manage to scrape a bit of the soft chestnut, which was left, out of the shell, and sprinkle it with salt, so at least I got a small taste of the Winter to come...which is probably all I want just at the moment!


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