Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sometimes I get a wave of affection for my latent obsession, and last week I joined a very famous Social Network (see the first photo for clue), which I've resisted for fact despised...and it's only through some notion of 'business' that I re-kindled my passion!

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  1. what did it rekindle your passion for ???
    I looked at this last night just before bed and was really stumped as
    to what ever you could mean ...what SOCIAL network and now looking at it in the fresh light of day it's as plain as the nose on my FACE (book) ....
    i'm still resisting it's a point of honour you think you could convince me otherwise.????
    When my son (14) was setting up his own facebook account last year ,he was only on it a minute and a message came up
    YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS.....i thought that was very funny !!!
    we were in blighty this summer and took what it turned out was the very brave step of having our photograph taken in a lovely red phone box on the south never told me they are used as urinals in some areas ???????