Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brighton to Birmingham, via Cornwall and 'Doctors'...

I often like to pretend I'm in Barcelona when I'm at the Bullring!

Yes, Birmingham's Bullring has eventually enticed me back to my blog...
Or is it being alone in a strange city (that really does mean strange, as rather bleakly, Birmingham has never actually been a stranger in my life...)

Life has been going on, and the blog has suffered...
Laptops have become a Mac in my world (yep, I've joined the family...but I still feel that the Mac 'in-laws' haven't quite welcomed me yet...)
I did a little piece on Synaesthesia for The One Show recently, talked about my paintings and showed them my shed/studio, and you're welcome to have a look if you like...(the cat features heavily...he went to RADA!)

and I'm slightly panicky at the moment, as I'm in a one-woman show in the Brighton Festival and have an Open House...in my house...and I'm scared about learning my lines, and painting, and er...loads of other ridiculous things too, too numerous and domestic to draw attention to..

Anyway, I'm here now...and I reckon this is Cornwall's answer to Barcelona...
oh, yes, sorry...we were in Birmingham weren't we...

The reason I'm in Birmingham at the moment is because I'm filming a couple of episodes of BBC's 'Doctors', where I'm playing some weird mousy, slightly OCD woman in beige outfits, who finds an illegal immigrant in her garden and later becomes all silly when she accidentally inhales cannabis fumes....there, I couldn't make that up, could I?..

Anyway, leaving Birmingham city centre for a moment (or maybe for good...)
I have been to Cornwall recently...
with its skies full of electrical linguine...
...and South American walls...

...to deliver a painting I'd done for a wonderful Penguin paperbacks person
...obviously a trip to Cornwall on the train involves various morbid thoughts when peering out of the window...
...but things brighten up once you're there...

...to the point I can actually begin to believe I'm in some Mexican Spaghetti Western sort of place...

...which I'm evidently not, sitting here in a Birmingham business hotel, infinitely closer to Spaghetti Junction (but I refuse to finish the post with any images of corporate hotel-ness...it would just spoil any romance I may have flimsily created!)
Yes, well...'Hello' again all...I'm attempting a 'come back'...


  1. and WHAT A COMEBACK!!!!!! ..wow wow and wow ....
    unbridled joy ,elation and rapture are just a few words to describe my feelings at your renewed presence in my blogworld.
    and aren't you having a great time too? ..spain , mexico, south america...a new mac...the painting...i'm sure all the titles are very relevant...mmmmhhhh very interesting and rather lovely...and those rotters at the bbc won't let anyone from my country see that clip from the one show ...so i'm hugely dissapointed i'd have loved to see that...and your new ocd character.. i have vowed never to ever wear beige, that must be very difficult for you ????and last but not least your one woman show....i HAVE to see that, i see it's sold out....fantastic....I hope your going to tour it? oh and thanks for your lovely comment ...but re blog megadom i think you should check out the date of the post.....and re. mauras man....i think everyones going to be a little shocked at what maura's been up to....;0) :0))

  2. Nice collection and thanks for sharing such a useful information.
    - St Austell Cornwall

  3. Ah Birmingham my home town! I can understand it can be strange! I think I would swap it for Barcelona!

  4. Welcome back my dear! Let the season begin! x

  5. So pleased you're back! Don't be so long next time. What a busy and talented lady! And i love the painting - fabulous.

  6. Hi Philippa

    Good to have you back in the blogging world. I always find your posts interesting and like to read what you have been up to.

    I found the video clip extreemely interesting! I understand Synaesthesia so much better now. I agree with the presenter, your world must be so much more colourful and interesting. The proof is that it inspires you with your beautiful works of art.

    On the acting front, quite a bit going on. When will those episodes of Doctors be on please? I'd love to watch them.

    Good luck with your one woman show, you will shine and the audience will love you. You come across as a warm and friendly person with a great smile on that video clip.

    Off to look at your latest work on your website.

    Have a lovely weekend ;-)
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  7. I love your Penguin books painting and have just discovered your blog via Jaboopee. You seem to be as multiskilled as she is.

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