Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Took Over My Life...

So, May did my Open House Exhibition, the one-woman play I did in the Brighton Festival and the start of rehearsals for Sheridan's play 'The Critic' for Chichester theatre this Summer... Consequently there was very little time for anything, apart from sleeping, worrying, eating...and of course taking a few pictures...
BUT look, I've tried to attempt a 'new-look' blog Thank you Elaine!): rather ambitious after a couple of bottles of Stella, but I'm putting off the ironing...

This is a painting of a woman's voice I was recently commissioned to do..., I just liked the squares, I liked the man-made sun-burst in the rain...

...other man-made stuff

...night wires and wet trees...

...the Open House cat! (and Holly Bell's fantastic ceramics)

...ah, yes...don't really do this, but was rather proud of a Brighton Festival Award our show received and for being nominated for Best Female Performer in the Festival (blimey, wasn't expecting that!), so yes, this is me and playwright Charlotte Jones celebrating 'The Diva in Me'!

...despite some rehearsal rooms being fusty and full of flea-ridden old sofas, I was lucky enough to spend some rehearsal time here at the Nightingale Theatre...

...and only moments away from the chip shop!!!

So after a May of madness, things are settling down a bit...I'm back in the theatre making use of my small-ness next to someone else's tall-ness for great comic effect...and happy!!!


  1. Wow! That definitely was a May to remember, well done! Congrats on Best Femal Performer nomination!!!!

    Your Open House Exhibition, what a great idea. How did it go? Would you do it again? I love looking around other peoples houses, and definitely would attend these events.

    And the new look blog. Yes, yes, yes, you just made my May a whole lot better. :)

  2. great to see you philippa and that first photo is just sssssohhh beautiful, it's a delight to see it so big.....i'd love to see your show, i'll be spending a bit of august in blighty , will you be doing anything then?
    loving your wire sunbursts, actually just love EVERYTHING.....
    maura is beginning to question her devotion, con did something terrible recently...i will have a photo for you on my blog next week .....( an irish post box with VR on it .....) .....stay tuned ms. staunton.....lovely to see your lovelyness and well done on the big photos.....were you tearing your hair out ????

  3. Well done Phillipa! on those nominations and thanks for such a great Art open house evening. II'll cherish the piece I bought.
    Go and have a lovely relaxing break now, you deserve it. xxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Phillipa

    WELL DONE! I am so pleased for you. You must be over the moon.

    I wonder what that person's voice sounds like, the painting looks so different to some of the other ones you have done. I wonder what my voice would look like on canvas. I'll find out one day when I'll commission you to do a painting for me!
    Take care
    Isabelle x