Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monday Pickings...

There's something wonderful about leaving the garden for a few days and then returning to see what has secretly happened in your absence...
The Love in a Mist ( or Nigella ) has flowered massively over the half term, and I so love how this one randomly decided to open in the middle of the Californian poppy!

However, I've now also realised that I planted some of these poppies in a position that isn't great...but it was a sheltered spot, and I was desperately trying to protect the seedlings from any frost earlier in the year...
...this is the better position where they're not searching for the sun.
I was inspired to grow these flowers together about 15 years ago, when I had a landlady in Lancaster who grew them in pots, and I have to say that this is the first year I have managed to look after them well enough to get them to a point anywhere near hers!

On the way back into the house I was struck by just how beautiful this succulent has become. I'm trying to air root it at the moment on the kitchen windowsill...

...because the snails have attacked the rest of them!

Over the weekend, other, cream coloured, Californian poppies had also emerged amongst the perennial peas on the path... had someone else; very happy to have us home!


  1. welcome home and perfect timing! I have both flowers, flowering in the garden as well which I haphazardly threw in seeds from a packet called the fairy garden mix in hope to be suprised. I was wondering what their names are and now I know..thank-you perfect timing..i love the delicate nature of the love in a mist and the beautiful purple band at the base of the california poppy!!

  2. How brilliant! I love that Fairy Garden Mix has Love in a is very fairy like! I have another poppy species crisis at the moment which I’m trying to rectify...always somehow involves a snail!