Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Italy ( part 4 )...with Yellows and Greens

There were other days on our trip when it was raining...so we did decide to go on one more excursion to Sirmione...

To be honest it was packed, so after making our way through busy back streets we had lunch and then took the ferry straight back!
But, there was a fresh fruit stall there where I bought a massive lemon ( although by no means the largest I saw during our stay ) which smelled amazing...

I love the colours of buildings in Italy, and although it was raining, the yellow of this hotel in Salò still stood out...

We were being careful not to do too much, so in keeping with our plan to relax, when we got back to the hotel and the sun had come out...for the first time in my life I actually sun bathed by the pool!


  1. Beautiful images ! When we were there a few years ago it was 40 degrees!

    1. Wow! That’s hot!! It was actually quite good to experience the rain and the warmth :)