Tuesday, October 7, 2014


...words don't seem to be doing me any favours today, so it's just pictures...😉


  1. Hello Philippa
    I found you on Instagram a few weeks ago and have been entranced by your images and delighted to find a fellow "colour gatherer"!!
    You inspired me to go out and forage in my local park and around the streets of my hometown yesterday and I made some very happy photographs which are inspiring a colour palette for my new crochet blanket.
    I linked to you from my Facebook page yesterday, and shall link back here when I blog about my Autumn inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing all that you do,
    Much love from a new devoted fan!
    Lucy Attic24xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks so much for the link yesterday and also so pleased that you recognise all the colour which constantly appears in my life! ( when I was pregnant, I didn’t crave particular items, I just craved certain colours on some days: I remember green, red and orange cravings went on alternately for quite a while! ). Colour constantly inspires me and my work and has been my constant companion on my Instagram. Lovely to see your colour collections too and how they translate into blankets. I’m in the process of having my blog updated, so maybe there will be a section for interiors ( I’m just waiting to see the digital magic happen in the next couple of weeks ), but you’re right I haven’t created any specific tags for snaps of my home, although you’ll probably see a bit more via my other Instagram account @64sandgate and the 64 Sandgate FB page too if you wanted to look ( I have Open House exhibitions which these 2 pages are more geared towards ). Thanks again for all the colour love xxx

  2. Oh me again!..sorry, I promise I won't keep buggin you......but was wondering if you might share some more photos of your amazing home? I can't find a way to search through your blog posts to see whether you've already done this, but would love to see more xxxxxx