Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wild Wednesday...

So, driving back from the shops, I see this extroidinary display of wild flowers in a very un-extroidinary part of Brighton...
I've watched these flowers growing over the last few months on the way back from various weekly food shopping trips, but I couldn't have anticipated just how beautiful they were going to become...

.... I had to pull over.
Seeing such a mass of them was breathtaking, and I thought Brighton and Hove City Council really wouldn't mind me picking just a few to take home and share...

...and to be honest, I couldn't stop playing with, and admiring them for hours...

... I particularly liked the Cornflowers as they were my school flower ( yes, we really did have a school flower; it was the basic design for our school emblem! )

but I adored all the colours together...

... and understandably completely fell in love!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you was such a beautiful and inspiring sight :)

  2. so pretty! i really need to go live in a place where there is such perfect wild beauty nearby

    1. I’m lucky that the council here have decided to plant loads of wild flowers, but I bet you have wild beauty around even if it’s hidden in the cracks of the pavement ;)

  3. Oooh, it looks so pretty, I am excited! When I ride a bike home from school, I usually pick flowers like you too for my herbarium and my new sketcbook. It is relaxion and big pleasure for me, but I have not got everythink so perfect like you.
    I have to found your blog recently, but I love it here. Thank you for your writing!
    Martina (